How Your Energy Attracts Those Around You
Written by Preeti Kapoor

In the big story of life, there's a language that doesn't need words – it's a silent talk made of energy. Your energy, an ethereal force that emanates from within, introduces you to the world before you utter a single word. Let's explore a bit about auras, gut feelings, understanding the energy we all carry, and how to protect and cleanse it.

The Invisible Halo: Your Aura

Think of your aura like a colorful, invisible bubble around you. It shows your feelings, thoughts, and spirit without using any words. Imagine it's your energy fingerprint, a signature that tells people who you are without talking. Understanding your aura is like knowing yourself better. Pay attention to how you feel inside.

Are you happy and positive, or is there a bit of negativity?

Your aura is like a mirror reflecting your true self, and by taking care of it, you can keep your inner self balanced.


Trust Your Gut: Listening to Your Feelings

We all have a special ability called intuition. It's like a gut feeling that guides us. When you meet someone and instantly feel a connection or discomfort, that's your intuition talking. Trust those feelings because they are messages from your inner self. Positive energies feel warm and good, while negative energies might make you uneasy.


Growing Positive Energy: Taking Care of Yourself

Just like a garden needs care, your energy field does too. Doing things that make you happy, like meditation or being kind to others, helps your soul glow. Be mindful of what and who you surround yourself with. Choose places and people that make you feel good, creating a positive atmosphere.


Protecting Your Aura: A Vital Step

Protecting your aura is like putting a shield around your positive energy. It's essential to keep the good vibes in and the negativity out. Here are a few ways to protect your aura which I always talk about in my sessions:

  1. Visualization: Imagine a bright light surrounding you, acting as a shield. Picture this light repelling any negative energy.

  2. Setting Boundaries: Learn to say no to things and people that drain your energy. Setting healthy boundaries is a powerful way to protect your aura.
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  3. Salt Baths: Soaking in a bath with Epsom salts or sea salt can help cleanse and protect your energy. The salt is believed to absorb negative energy.
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  4. Positive Affirmations: Regularly affirm positive statements about yourself. This practice can create a positive energetic shield.




Preeti Kapoor is the Founder of HealinWithin, and she is an accomplished practitioner and Reiki Master who specializes in both spiritual energy and healing practices. She adopts a holistic approach to help her clients achieve wellness, balance, optimism and peace of mind. Preeti is multi faceted. Along with her comprehensive knowledge of spirituality and energy, she is also an experienced Tarot card reader, certified Meditation Coach and Past Life Regression Therapist. She has been able to illuminate people’s lives and souls through her teaching and practices around the globe. She discovered her healing capacity when she was forced to work on her inner self. She suffered from burnout, anxiety and depression and was searching for devices to help her balance her own personal life. She was astounded at how in tune she was with the universe and its energies. Learn more at


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