Black-Owned Brands to Support

February is Black History Month, a perfect opportunity to shop wiser and smarter, supporting Black women-owned businesses now and all year long. Here are some of our fave items to check out, from talented Black women within our RevolutionHer™ community.


Rachael-Lea Rickards of Real Talk Candles

In 2020 Real Talk Candles was born from founder Rachael-Lea Rickards' living room floor. Since then, it's launched into a company that offers a range of "out of the box" products, including signature witty candles. The goal of Real Talk Candles is more than just a scented candle. It's a statement. It's the kind of candle that causes conversations. Some funny, and some heartwarming. But always REAL. Each one of these candles is hand-poured with love, made from a soy blend wax and featuring a wooden wick for a 'crackle' flame. 
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The Soulful Colour brand founded by Sophia "Sojay" Jackson has vibrant colouring books that provide an uncomplicated, creative and fun way to support and deliver powerful messages of financial wellbeing, mental wellbeing, representation, diversity, inclusion, self-care, community, legacy and self-love, just to name a few areas. The books achieve this through the positive illustrations that are partnered with powerful affirmations, quotes and mantras. A unique gift for any occasion, to colour, or not, as a coffee table book, and a conversation starter. 
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Marsha Hebert of Eat For Life By Marsha

Create healthy, delicious and easy meals that everyone will enjoy, written by Marsha Hebert, Founder of Eat For Life By Marsha Inc. Yes, you can eat gluten-free deliciously! Gather your family and friends and discover ingredients and recipes to love and create a new favourite. Enjoy pancakes, waffles, muffins, scones, salads, soups, pasta, rice, bread, pizzas, cakes, cookies and more!
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Written by Makini Smith  & Suzana Mihalovic

Renewing Your Mind presents transcripts from Makini Smith & Suzana Mihalovic, mindset coaches and Proctor Gallagher consultants', workshops. It is an essential resource for anyone who wants the combined wisdom and experience of 2 proteges of the legendary Bob Proctor. This book is your guide to transforming your world from chaos to clarity in one volume.
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Spirituality And Beauty was created by Pricilla Miller with nature, spirituality, wholeness and beauty in mind. We decided to make products, that gives great results, but that are also healthy, organic and safe, keeping in mind that everything has a spiritual aspect to it, understand and know this contributes to the balance and connection of your mind, soul and body needs. Made with love and with you in mind.
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