Women-Owned Brands to Support This Spring

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, followed by June which recognizes Pride Month, Filipino Heritage Month and National Indigenous History Month (Canada). This spring is a perfect opportunity to shop wiser and smarter, supporting women-owned businesses from AAPI, LGBQT+ and Indigenous communities now and all year long. Here are some of our fave items to check out, from talented women within our RevolutionHer™ community.


Charlene Li Eatable Popcorn


Charlene Li and her husband Vince first bonded in a wine tasting class. They launched EATABLE in 2019 to create the “perfect pairing” of two loves: A good snack + a good drink! Their flagship line of gourmet popcorn infused with the flavours of classic wines, spirits and cocktails brings luxurious, unforgettable experiences for snacking Connoisseurs with the most discerning palates. The mission behind EATABLE is to create products for the heart of people’s everyday celebrations, and remind everyone to savor a moment to celebrate the “everyday wins” in our lives with those we love.

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suzie yorke better chocolates founder



Single Origin Chocolate with 0g of Sugar that taste DELICIOUS! The 4X Better Chocolates co-founded by Suzie Yorke help you feel full longer, contain only clean ingredients, have high absorption with MCT oil, and are made from Cacao beans from Ecuador. With Suzie's first successful brand, Love Good Fats, she quickly realized that owning her own brand gave her a large platform and also a large responsibility where her values could come to life and she could help make a difference in this world. Suzie currently mentors other founders and supports many women-owned businesses, as well as LGBTQ+ and BIPOC founders. 

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Vanessa Marshall of Jack59



Jack59 is a sustainable, plastic free line of hair care products in bar form that are handmade in Edmonton, Alberta. Founder Vanessa Marshall is a Métis entrepreneur who started Jack59 to improve the wellbeing of her family and create the lifestyle she desired. As an aboriginal woman, Vanessa wanted to show her daughter and other aboriginal women what can be accomplished if you work hard and that it is possible to follow your dreams no matter your hardships. Jack59 handcrafts pH balanced shampoo and conditioner bars that are sulfate-free, making them colour safe and gentle on the hair and scalp, with 12 varieties available, catering to every hair type. All Jack59 products are vegan, silicone free and they also have many gluten free options, plus the bars will leave your hair smelling and feeling amazing while also helping the environment - one bar will last 80+ washes, eliminating 3 average size plastic shampoo bottles!


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Chloe Ho Pixie Mood



Chloe Ho is the co-founder and Creative Director of Pixie Mood, an award-winning vegan and cruelty-free handbag and accessory brand. She started her journey in the fashion industry over 10 years ago when she became determined to create stylish and sustainable bags and accessories to help shape a better future for our planet and its inhabitants. She has since become a passionate advocate for ethical fashion, saving over 1.5M plastic bottles from landfills and giving back to the community by working with numerous charities and organizations to promote and support social and environmental causes. As Creative Director, Chloe oversees the entire design process from concept to final product ensuring each piece lives up to her high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

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Happy Natural Products is an ode to the strong, resilient and beautiful women in founder Jennifer Uy's family. Jennifer was inspired by her grandmother's daily rituals using traditional Chinese Gua Sha, tools that her grandmother used to give herself love and healing during tumultuous times while raising nine children, with partially bound feet. From her grandmother, Jennifer learned that real beauty lies in resilience, love and inner strength. She and developed Happy products for everyday families who are looking to make the switch to a more natural lifestyle. All Happy products are functional and a cut above; made for a beautiful, strong and happy world.  

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An award-winning social entrepreneur, Jenn Harper is the founder and CEO of Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics INC. Cheekbone Beauty is a digitally native direct to consumer brand that is helping Indigenous youth see themselves in a beauty brand while using the concept of Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) in the brands ethos and in developing products. Creating a new segment in the beauty industry - Sustainable Socially Conscious Beauty. Jenn has been making a name for herself in the beauty industry for a number of years but has been gaining popularity quickly after being on the hit CBC show, Dragons' Den in 2019. Cheekbone Beauty’s mission is to help every Indigenous youth see and feel their enormous value in the world while creating sustainable cosmetics.

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Laura McDonald

Laura McDonald

I love what you are doing and thank you for helping women for women. I know where most of my Christmas shopping will be from this year

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