How to Avoid Sleep Wrinkles

Written by the experts at enVy Pillow

Did you know that the way you sleep can cause wrinkles? Not only that, sleeping in the wrong position (side or stomach sleeping) will  increase  your chances of developing these sleep wrinkles, which can become permanent as we age, creating what's known as 'Pillow Face'.

There are 2 types of wrinkles that can develop over time: Expression Wrinkles and Sleep Wrinkles. 

  • Expression Wrinkles are caused by our natural expression and muscle movement. They are more “horizontal” in nature and can be treated with muscle relaxing treatments such as Botox™.

  • Sleep Wrinkles on the other hand cannot be treated with neuromodulators like Botox™. This is because sleep wrinkles are caused by pressing our faces against our pillow every night. They are generally “vertical” or “diagonal” in nature and cannot be reproduced with expression.


The American Academy of Dermatology notes that sleeping on our side with our faces pressed into our pillow causes sleep lines or sleep wrinkles. As we age and repeat this nightly habit during our beauty sleep, these sleep wrinkles become permanent and are often mistaken for naturally aging skin.

The trained eye can quickly identify what side you sleep on by the tell tale vertical and diagonal creases. Sleep lines cannot be reproduced with facial expression. Sleep wrinkles often disappear once you wake up and start your day. However, over time and as we age, the creases caused by our sleep will become deeper and will become more and more permanent.

So how can you avoid getting sleep wrinkles? The easiest way is to sleep on your back. A lot of times that is easier said than done. Many of us have tried to change the way we sleep to prevent the face planting that causes sleep wrinkles, but it is crazy hard to break our sleep habits that likely were formed when we were infants.

While some skin experts say the only way to get rid of permanent sleep lines is to sleep on your back and minimize facial contact with your pillow, many experts including nurse Injectors, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons recommend the enVy Pillow to their patients to prevent sleep lines and collagen breakdown. The patented enVy Pillow works by preventing this unwanted compression and tissue shifting caused by our nightly facial pressure against our pillows. For back and side sleepers, its unique shape minimizes face-to-pillow pressure while ergonomically supporting your neck while side sleeping or back sleeping.

The enVy® COPPER + SILK 100% Natural Latex PROACTIVE-Aging Pillow was created by 2 Registered Nurses with decades of experience in the Anti-Aging and Sleep Wellness field, featuring a patented OFF-Your-FACE ergonomic design to help reduce sleep induced wrinkles while providing neck support. enVy® Pillow carries a Class I Medical Device license with  Health Canada.



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