Spring Fashion Tips

Once the sun starts peeking its head out and we feel like we’ve seen the last of winter’s cold and snow, it’s time to break out the jean jackets and sunglasses for some fun and bright spring fashion.

Here are a few ways you can instantly boost your look this season:

Add instant sophistication and mystery with a great pair of sunglasses. Didn’t sleep well the night before? No worries – a great pair of sunglasses covers up dark circles under your eyes in a snap and brings a sense of excitement for warmer summer days ahead.

Lip Gloss
Add a light splash of colour to your lips with a natural lip gloss or lip salve. Not only will you stop your lips from drying out with the changes in temperature, but it will add a little boost to your look and brighten up your whole face.

Grab a travel size bottle for your purse or pocket, and as an added bonus find a tinted moisturizer with at least SPF 30 that will blend into your skin. It is so easy to get caught unaware in the spring and forget how hot the sun can be on skin that has been sheltered during winter months for so long. No one wants pink skin that cracks and peels – especially on areas like your nose, forehead, chin, and ears where women are prone to burning!

Throwing a light scarf on with your outfit not only looks stylish, but is also functional for when the sun disappears and the air is crisp. Keep a light scarf with your purse through the spring months. If you often wear black, choose a scarf that will bring you a pop of colour – have some fun with options!

Wearing layers is essential during spring. One minute the sun is out and summer is on its way, and the next there is snow in the air. Layers help navigate the temperature fluctuations when you’re out and about. Opt for a light jean jacket or cardigan, and keep extra layers on-hand in your car if you’ll be out for an extended period of time.


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