Gratitude Mindset Activities for Adults & Kids

As I feel the emergence of Spring, I am aware of the built-up sedentary energy of the winter months starting to quake. It’s this built-up energy that now has more momentum and is preparing to burst nature into full bloom, bring vibrant colors back into plain sight, and that will also ignite the human spirit.For children, spring is a wonderful time to play, grow, and pause before settling into the ripening energy of summer. This can be a perfect time for us and any young children in our lives to nurture our minds in a way that cultivates resilience, empowerment, and the growth mentality. Intentional practice of gratitude can be one way to exercise this positive way of thinking and being.Gratitude is widely recognized as a powerful feeling which can positively affect our mental, emotional and physical well being. When deliberately practiced, this feeling of gratitude can evolve into a powerful instrument that can ignite self confidence, compassion, optimism and resilience. Although the feeling of gratitude is a spontaneous and natural response, it can also be intentionally practiced over time to become an inherent aspect of one's positive mindset.It’s never too early to cultivate a gratitude mindset. Children have a phenomenal advantage of adapting and growing what they focus on now. Here are some fun games to play together during car rides, at home, on weekends, or before bed. Practicing together will not only help them but also you!The A, B, C’s Gratitude 
First person names something they are grateful for that starts with an “A”, second person names a “B” gratitude, and so on.
Gratitude Walk Contest
While taking a walk, the game is to take turns thinking of things each is truly grateful for but no one can repeat gratitudes. If one cannot think of a gratitude, a person can steal the point by naming one. Most point wins at the end of the walk.
Tell Me 3 Things
Share 3 things you are grateful for; made you happy; most proud of; 3 ways you were helpful; and so on.
Gratitude Thank you Card Craft
Gather any crayons, paint, pencils, paper, etc and make a Thank you card for someone you are grateful for.
Gratitude Box
Decorate an empty tissue box. Write a gratitude on a small piece of paper and add it to the Gratitude Box daily. On days that you may be blue or just need an extra smile, read some of the gratitudes you have already collected.
The key is make it fun and a part of your daily dialogue. Happy Spring!




Welcome to Grow Your Mind Strong, founded by Dr. Helen Lee, where creativity and imagination opens the gate to the practice of empowerment! We are dedicated to creating enriching activity 
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Over the last 25 years, Dr. Helen has been both personally & professionally dedicated to understanding the power of the mind- body connection through her practice as an holistic chiropractor. During her career, the author has discovered a fundamental truth: while we may lack control over external circumstances, we hold the reins to our own internal world. Driven by this philosophy, she believes in the transformative power of personal growth, emphasizing the importance of learning, consciously choosing, and continuous practice of self-awareness. Dr. Helen envisions extending this impactful knowledge to younger generations. Her mission has grown to include creating resources & tools specifically tailored for children, recognizing them as the architects of our future. By planting the seeds of empowerment early in their lives, our children have a greater opportunity to grow with adaptability, creativity, and ability to navigate their future as they want it. Learn more at



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