Treat Yourself: Gifts For You, From You.

As we go through life we start to realize we need to love and accept ourselves for who we are, not just what we can do for others. We're all about finding self-love, self-care, and being grateful for the amazing journey we're all on. We've selected some of our fave items we think you’ll love to treat yourself to.


Manifest Good Sh*t Candle 
Because, when we believe in ourselves, good things happen... and getting a daily reminder with a beautiful scent and crackling wooden wick can't hurt along the way!
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Canoe & Lake Value Crew 
This cozy sweater reads Be real. Embrace change. Dream big. Live in the moment. Have integrity. Stay kind. Lead don't follow. Try your best. Challenge yourself. Paddle your own canoe. We all need that reminder; this is our journey, so get paddling!
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Michele Maher’s Beaded Bracelet 
A beautiful bracelet in Snowflake Obsidian, said to purify and ground the body, soul and aura. It centers and focuses attention, which can be really useful in chaotic or stressful environments. After the last 3 years, we all need this!
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Smash + Tess Sunday Romper

This Romper needs no zipper, no buttons… nor introduction – it’s that fabulous! It’s spacious, stylish, and fits in all the right places. We live in our Smash and Tess rompers, and they make us feel amazing!
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Happy Gua Sha Heart 
Gua Sha is a modality in Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been passed down for thousands of years from generation to generation in Chinese households. Facial Gua Sha helps to encourage blood circulation, supports lymphatic drainage, depuff skin and firm the look of skin and helps to relieve facial muscle tension.
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