5 Ways to Be a Better Gardener

Gardening can be very therapeutic; while it may take a long time to progress out of the beginner stage, once you become aware of some key areas that need attention, your success will improve. Here are 5 ways to approach your gardening that will not only help you make the most of your time, but will also help you fully embrace gardening and the many benefits it can offer.

Feed Your Soil 

You need to feed your soil well, so it will in turn feed your plants.

  • Add compost to your soil in the spring and fall
  • At the end of summer/fall, empty any potting soil from your garden pots onto your garden beds, as topsoil. 
  • Pile leaves from the garden onto your flower beds to act as a mulch over the winter; most leaves will break down into the soil by next summer 

Know Your Sun

The number of hours of direct sunlight your garden gets will dictate the type of plants you can grow successfully. Being aware of how much sunlight you get, and where, will set you up for success with the right plants for your garden. It doesn’t have to be exact, but you should have a general idea. If you don’t get quite as much sunlight as your neighbour, you may be able to grow some of the same plants, but it may be likely that yours won’t get as big, or they may bloom later in the season with fewer blooms. 

Look Beyond Flowers 

Flowers are like the candles on a birthday cake, they don’t hang around for long. Most flowers only bloom for a couple of weeks through a season, and if a storm comes through they could be gone within days, so it’s important to think about how that plant will look the rest of the year without any blooms. That is where texture, height and leaf colour comes in. Explore different varieties of plants and shrubs that will bring you happiness when in your garden all year long. 

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Don't Skip the Watering 

Learn to enjoy watering your garden. It could end up being one of your favourite parts of gardening because you get to take everything in, be present and admire your work. Take your time watering, so the plants get a good soak. This encourages the roots to grow down to absorb all the water, rather than stay close to the surface. 

Plant More 

Everyone thinks those who have a green thumb have success all the time in the garden, but that is not always the case; they just plant more so you don’t notice what doesn’t make it! Trial and error is a key part of gardening, so embrace the ups and downs of it, and don't stress if it isn't perfect right away.


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