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Title: Maple Syrup
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These extra-large candles are great to scent up the whole house, as they are super long burning candles.

64oz - approximate 300+ HR Burn time 



  1. Never trim your wicks. On your first burn light the wicks and let them burn.

  2. The first burn is the most important. Plan to light your JUMBO candle for its first burn at a time where you can let it burn for 5-6 hours. Soy wax does not burn hot like the "bad" candles so it takes time to heat up the wax and allow it to burn off. Letting it burn for several hours allows the candle to melt all the way to the edge, burn it off enough to keep the wicks from drowning in the wax pool.

  3. If a wick goes out during the first burn or any other time, quickly relight it. If it has gone out for a while, blow out the other wicks, light just the one that went out and let it burn until it evens out the area. Then relight the rest and let it burn for a while to level out.

  4. We always recommend using the wick dipper to extinguish the wicks to keep them well coated in wax and help prevent breakage.

  5. Once your candle has burned to the bottom, we recommend washing it out with hot soapy water and repurposing it.

Soy candles are the best choice for your home and the environment. Unlike other candles, Serendipity candles provide a clean burn, contain none of the nasty chemicals, and don't need constant wick cutting.


Behind The Brand

Serendipity Soy Candles is located in beautiful Collingwood, Ontario featuring a team that is passionate about creating and hand pouring each and every one of our pure soy, all-natural candles. Jennifer Ageeb's founder story began in 2002 on the beautiful island of Nassau in the Bahamas. While visiting, she met her now husband and fell in love, both with him and the natural beauty and vibrancy of the turquoise blue waters, stunning sunsets and brightly coloured beach huts...they overtook her senses and filled her soul.Over the years Jennifer began a business where she could make and sell locally made products that were unique to the area but also all-natural, running many stores in the Bahamas focusing on not only Serendipity's handmade candles, soaps and products, but working with local artisans to help give a platform for them to sell their amazing products as well.

Around the same time that Jennifer began the business, her mom received a cancer diagnosis, and she became enlightened to the sad reality that so many of the ingredients in the products we use on our bodies and in our homes can seriously harm our health. This realization reinforced Jennifer's drive to create pure soy candles void of pollutants and carcinogens. After nearly 20 years in business and thanks to the amazing support of family and friends, Serendipity Candles is back in Canada, now operating six retail locations and with more to come. As always, every single candle is hand poured, offering an all-natural candle free of all the bad stuff for customers to enjoy in their homes.

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