Mommy, Am I Pretty?

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 - 32 page hardcover -

Written by Margot Denommé
Illustrated by Madison and Brooke Denommé-Warren

Once there was a girl named Molly who wondered what it meant to be pretty. So she asked her mother, "Mommy, am I pretty?" Molly learns that being pretty means so much more than how you look on the outside.How does growing up in a culture obsessed with outward beauty affect the way children feel about themselves? This was the author’s question as she considered her young daughters. Her illustrated book, Mommy, Am I Pretty? began there. Now in its second edition, the story of Mommy, Am I Pretty? paves the path to a conversation with children about real beauty – the kind that cannot be created or adjusted using filters and Photoshop.

Children are bombarded with images that suggest that what they see when they look in the mirror is not good enough. Distorted perceptions of beauty burst from the screens in their hands, their homes and at the malls.

Since first publication in 2013, Mommy, am I pretty? has moved into classrooms and communities, promoting a movement – one that sees young girls looking in, instead of out, when thinking about themselves and others. The Celebrate You! tour takes Margot Denomme’s message on the road, promoting the power of developing confidence by being kind, strong, inclusive and unique.

While walking home from school one day Molly asks her mom what it means to be “pretty”. Molly’s mother responds by reviewing Molly’s average day; at home, at school, and in her community, uncovering Molly’s moments of kindness, generosity, and confidence. Molly discovers that small gestures of compassion and friendship feel good and that trying our best at whatever we do makes us feel strong and beautiful on the inside. With this discovery, Molly determines that being pretty on the inside is what matters most.

Praise from The Dove Self-Esteem Fund: “We’re loving the children’s book “Mommy, am I pretty?” by Margot Denommé, a beautiful read that instills the valuable lesson that real beauty lies within. A must-read.”


Behind The Brand


Margot Denommé has worked as a Criminal Lawyer for over 23 years and has seen the devastating effects of poor choices made by children with low self-esteem and damaged self-confidence, every day. As a mother of two daughters, Margot was struck by the unrealistic and distorted images of “beauty” perpetuated by mainstream and social media. In 2013, Margot developed The Celebrate YOU! Tour and has presented to over 150 schools and community groups in both Canada and the US. Margot recently completed the Dove Self-Esteem Project training and participated as a facilitator in Dove Day in October 2022.

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