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With all the dangers of aerosol dry hair shampoo coming to light, more people are searching for a safe and effective alternative. Jack59 Dry Shampoo is all-natural, all-beneficial to hair and scalp health, with every ingredient coming together to do the job of keeping your locks fresh between washes.

Aerosol dry hair shampoo contains butane, alcohol, and propane just to propel the product from the container. On top of that, they often contain harsh fragrances and other troublesome additives. Our dry shampoo ONLY includes ingredients that have a specific role in helping you keep your hair healthy. Here’s the full list of what’s in Jack59’s dry shampoo:

The Absorbers:

Arrowroot Powder & Tapioca Starch – this duo is the grandaddy of dry hair shampoo bases, working to absorb the natural oils produced by your scalp – you can cook with them too…

French Green and Pink Clay – adding some backup (and luxury!) to the go-to absorbers, these super-fine clays double down on oil absorption while adding a beautiful softness and shine.

The Nourisher:

DL Panthenol. This might sound chemical, but it’s just a fancy name for pro-vitamin B5. It’s a plant-based derivative of pantothenic acid and is known to nourish and moisturize skin and hair, adding shine and luster as it works.

The Cleaners:

Pink Grapefruit essential oil. This gives big antibacterial benefits to our dry shampoo, and it smells great too.

Litsea Cubeba essential oil. This baddie works as a natural astringent, balancing out our sebum production and cleansing pores.

Behind The Brand

Jack59 is a sustainable, plastic free line of hair care products in bar form that are handmade in Edmonton, Alberta. Founder Vanessa Marshall is a Metis 

entrepreneur who started Jack59 to improve the wellbeing of her family and create the lifestyle she desired. She loved the concept of a shampoo bar but couldn't find an option that worked; the results were always drying and made her hair feel like straw.

As an aboriginal woman, Vanessa wanted to show her daughter and other aboriginal women what can be accomplished if you work hard and that it is possible to follow your dreams no matter your hardships. Aboriginal women are strong and resilient and Vanessa has overcome many obstacles in her life to be where she is and she is proud of that. Being a business owner is hard work but it also gives her the ability to spend time with her family.

Jack59 is indigenous-owned, ethically-driven, women-led and 100% Canadian. Vanessa's vision behind the company is to become a global brand while rewriting the way businesses are run. Jack59 handcrafts pH balanced shampoo and conditioner bars that are sulfate-free, making them colour safe and gentle on the hair and scalp, with 12 varieties available, catering to every hair type. All Jack59 products are vegan, silicone free and they also have many gluten free options, plus the bars will leave your hair smelling and feeling amazing while also helping the environment - one bar will last 80+ washes, eliminating 3 average size plastic shampoo bottles!

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