Items You Can Donate While Spring Cleaning


With spring comes a new beginning; a time to clear out some of the old or broken items in our lives and make way for a new and fresh start. Whether you're a fan of cleaning or not, there is something to be said about shaking off the cobwebs from winter and initiating an overhaul through cleaning, sorting, and purging.

As conscious consumers, it's our responsibility to not only ensure we are doing our best to repurpose items that are no longer wanted or needed in our own lives, but also to try and only bring new items into our home that are needed and will go to use.

Here is a list of items that you can easily donate instead of adding to a landfill:

Time to donate or recycle that cabinet or side table that is constantly in the way? Looking to upgrade your couches or invest in a new dining room set? Donate your used furniture to an organization like Habitat For Humanity, or ask if your local homeless or women's shelter could use items.

Bedsheets, Blankets & Towels 

Still have sheets in your linen closet for bed sizes you no longer own? Wanting to get rid of some of the frayed blankets that have run their course? If you are opting to update your linens, consider donating your faded or unused bedsheets, blankets and towels to a local veterinarian, animal shelter, or animal boarding house.

Books & Magazines

Everyone loves a good read, but it can be astounding how many books and magazines one family can collect over the years. Check with your local library, schools and daycares to see if they are accepting reading materials through donation. Alternatively, you can often donate to your local thrift stores.

Old Eyeglasses

It can be fun to hang onto old eyeglasses and try them on again over the years - they always come in handy around Halloween time as well! However, donated eyeglasses are often distributed to those in need. Check with your local eyewear chain, optometrist, ophthalmologist, or eye doctor to see how your old eyeglasses could come in handy for someone else in greater need.

Clothing & Accessories

Are you still hanging on to clothes that you wore over 10 years ago? Whether you assume that "one day you'll wear them/fit into them again" or "maybe my kids will want my vintage clothing when their older", chances are you're kidding yourself and taking up precious real estate in your closet. Choose the items you no longer want, and donate to charity; you can opt for a home pick up from a charity like Goodwill, or check out for options in your area.

Electronics & Batteries

Have an old printer lying around that no longer works? Stockpiling old electric kettles that have long been unused? Most electronics in working order can be donated to your local thrift store. Technology such as old computers, phones, and laptops can be sent to an electronic recycling program, where particular parts are reused for future technology. Check your local audio visual store - for example, Best Buy has a national campaign to accept most used technology. As well, your local library may have a battery recycling program available, and most office supply chains offer a phone and battery recycling bin at their stores.



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