Getting Rid of the Sunday Blues

Written by Jillian MarianiThe Sunday Blues, or Sunday Scaries, are feelings of anxiety or dread that creep up the day or evening before a workday, after a day or more off. For most of us, that is Sunday, before heading back to work on Monday, but for others it may be a different day. According to a LinkedIn survey, 80 percent of professionals say they experience the Sunday Scaries, with over 90 percent of Millennials and Gen Z reporting they feel it. It’s pretty pervasive and practically everyone can relate.Even being self-employed and working intermittently on the weekends as needed, I still find the Scaries kick in for me around midday on Sunday. Sometimes it’s an ominous feeling about something specific that is scheduled or that I need to do on the Monday, but usually it’s a slightly anxious feeling that my downtime is going too fast, and I didn’t get everything I wanted to do on the weekend in – especially just taking time to chill. For many years, I’ve tried to stick to a bath ritual on Sunday, which I find really helps. Some weekends it’s an afternoon bath soak, and other times it’s a bedtime soak. I try to spend a full hour in the tub, and either read a book, chat on the phone to a friend, or even watch something on Netflix or HBO. I literally use the tub like a couch, but a nice, hot, enveloping embrace. It’s 100% ME-time.The benefits of baths are well documented and include:• Soothing sore or tired muscles• Relieving stress, especially with the right essential oils in your bath salts• Improving sleep• Skin health - if using the right bath productsIt’s super important to hydrate while in the tub too, especially if you like a really hot bath like I do.

I’ve taken to mixing up one of the Niyama supplement powders into a very big glass of ice cold water (or in my Yeti with straw lid) and taking it in with me when I draw my bath. That way, I’m not only hydrating with water, I’m super-charging my water with health benefits – for a totally upgraded, and really efficient, self-care hour.These are my favourite combos, which I’m affectionately calling Sips & Soaks.And (hint, hint) these combinations make fantastic gifts over the holidays, or just to say “I love you and you deserve this!”:The Sunday Night Wind DownSleep Like Buddha Bedtime Bath Soak
+ Hey Relax Magnesium (Pineapple or Dragon Fruit – I love both!)

The Sunday Post WorkoutAchy Achy Sore Muscles Bath Soak
+ After Practice Replenish & Repair

The Sunday Afternoon EscapeMix equal parts Achy Achy Sore Muscles Bath Soak & Sleep Like Buddhe Bedtime Bath soak + Glow & Flow Vegan Collagen BoosterPLUS we have a NEW Bath Soak that is coming soon and which I’ve been testing out during my baths and is so heavenly! Make sure you are signed up for our emails so you know when it’s ready to go.


Jillian Mariani

Jillian Mariani is the founder and general manager of Niyama Wellness. Jillian spent her 20+ year corporate career in the Canadian Natural Health Supplements category, in sales, marketing and product development with some of Canada’s favourite brands of vitamins and supplements. Jillian holds a BA from UofT, a diploma in Nutritional Management from GBC, an MBA from Schulich School of Business, a YTT-200H from Downward Dog Yoga Centre and is a certified Sleep Coach.. She lives in Toronto with her husband and children, and teaches yoga part-time. In addition to yoga, she enjoys cooking, travel, Netflix/HBO binges, good books exceptional coffee, chocolate, and dog walks.


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