SKURA Skrubby Sponges

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These sponges will be your new best friend in the kitchen, trust us! Skura sponges are made of polyurethane foam and treated with an antimicrobial agent so they don’t smell. 

  • They dry fast and have 99.9% fewer E.coli than cellulose sponges
  • The scrub side is premium non-abrasive, safe for non-stick cookware.
  • Food particles do not trap and they rinse clean
  • Monogram fades to indicate it’s time to change. It’s a smart sponge. It does the thinking for you
  • Four sponges per package in four colors
  • Skura sponges are award winning (yes, there is such a thing for sponges) and voted best kitchen sponge by leading cleaning experts
  • Bon Appetit and Good Housekeeping call it their favorite kitchen sponge
  • Made in USA


The dynamic trio of women behind Skura include founders Linda and Allison, and co-owner Eva Mendes, all of whom believe the kitchen is the happiest part of the home, so every square inch of it should bring a smile to your face. They couldn’t understand why the kitchen sponge hadn’t kept pace and wasn’t as well designed as the kitchen it lives in. Even garbage cans can be pretty! So their quest began to create a sponge that didn’t make them cringe—one that looks amazing, performs like a charm, and is easy to buy and replace. After all, cleaning should be beautiful.

Skura, which is Swedish for “scour” and “scrub”, was inspired by the clean, fresh, happy, simple Scandinavian design sensibility. And naturally, the team behind Skura enlisted the help of a Swedish product designer to reimagine your clean routine. With lots of pretty amazing products that will change your life one clean dish at a time, getting your dishes clean should be as satisfying as getting them dirty.

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