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Fine lash line? Maturing eyes? Say no more! One size doesn't fit all (even with the introduction of segments). One style doesn't make everyone pause. 

In the development of the line, it was recognized that not everyone wants something bold, or maybe they did, but perhaps their eyes just couldn't handle it without looking or feeling silly. What about a style for someone with commitment issues?

Pheonix Lashes are a gateway lash, easing you into the world of falsies....

QMBeautique's most lightweight option in short to moderate length, Pheonix showcases our most natural shape in a crisscross stitch for a feathery and airy lash with staggered lengths resembling a natural lash pattern.

Pheonix Lashes are ideal for you if:

  • you are older and/or have a faint lash line

  • you don't want a lash look that is overpowering

Each pair of QMBeautique's Ferroliner magnetic lashes is hand-crafted with superior quality so you can trust they’ll hold up under whatever you throw at ‘em, and since no one wants an obvious fake lash look, these ones have a gorgeous matte finish for a totally natural look.

Product Use: 

  1. Apply FerroLiner, nourishing magnetic eyeliner along the base of your lash line, allowing to dry fully between layers and before lash application.

  2. Using precision tweezers, bring lashes in, tucked as close to your natural lash line as possible, and allow to click into place, gently adjust as necessary.

Care Guide:

  • Avoid using mascara directly on lashes to ensure longevity. If using mascara to help blend, apply prior to lash application.

  • Use precision tweezers to remove lashes from holding tray for application and lash removal, this keeps the lashes from being sandwiched between fingers, which can transfer oils and flatten the curl.

  • Clean lashes after use and prior to storage.


Note: Magnetic eyeliner and precision tweezers are sold separately.

Not sure what eye shape you have? Find Your Fit 


Behind The Brand

QMBeautique is a Canadian beauty brand founded by Lisa Goodall, that specializes in a leaping bunny certified, Canadian formulated and manufactured magnetic eyeliner and serum duo with a minimal ingredient formula. QMBeautique's vegan friendly, non-irritating formula is free from parabens, phthalates, fragrance or nanoparticles and is gentle on the eyes. The unique FerroLiner is infused with antioxidant and vitamin rich ingredients to nourish the lash line while providing a great and long-lasting lash bond.

Learn more at qmbeautique.ca


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