La Bonne Fille Fine Tea Co. - Untamed Turmeric

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 - 30g (12 sachets) -

La Bonne Fille Fine Tea Co's restorative signature turmeric tea combines sweet and spicy notes for a truly balanced flavour. Delicious alone or with milk in a comforting latte, this gorgeous blend is rich with complex, warming flavours and aromas.

Flavour Notes:
Hints of ginger and cinnamon add subtle heat to soft cardamom and lemongrass notes, while turmeric and black pepper form an earthy base. Let this golden tea brighten your days with fragrance and comfort. Curcumin is the beautiful golden coloured compound in Turmeric that has anti-inflammatory benefits, and black pepper aids in the absorption of curcumin. 

Each serving is enveloped in our biodegradable tea pyramids before being meticulously packaged in your selection of our refillable, earth-friendly airtight containers that will keep your delicate tea fresh for when you're ready to brew. Each package contains decadent whole-leaf tea in 2.5-gram servings.

Behind The Brand

La Bonne Fille Fine Tea Company, founded by Kristin Berry, is on a mission to help you unleash moments of pleasure through guilt-free, good-for-you products. Indulge in our delicious, luxurious, full and delicate teas, mindfully chosen to elicit moments of pleasure while savouring every sip and scent.

Nourishing the romantic spirit, La Bonne Fille’s exciting lineup of flavours and aromas will arouse your senses. Take a mindful pause for yourself and infuse moments of luxury and romance throughout your day. All Bonne Fille Fine Teas are sourced from carefully selected farms with the highest quality ingredients from around the globe. All blending is done in Canada with the strictest quality control and focus on product excellence. We are proud members of the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada.Learn more at


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