Essentials For Your Purse

It seems that it doesn't matter how big or small a woman's purse is, it somehow always becomes a catch-all of all sorts of items, including makeup, receipts, candies and who knows what else. As we approach a new season, it's a great time to clear out your purse and re-stock items that are damaged from being tossed around.

It's great to have a small emergency pouch in your purse for items like pain relief, band aids and sanitary products, along with these key items we can't live without, all sourced from amazing women-owned brands in our RevolutionHer community:

An Extra Face Mask
Having an extra reusable cloth face mask in your purse makes being out and about a bit easier, especially if you need one in an emergency or you're entering a facility that requires face masking. 

Nourishing Lip Balm
It's a purse, backpack and pocket essential; dry chapped lips can be annoying and painful, and not necessary. K’Pure Naturals' Smooch Lip Balm is luscious and moisturizing with natural ingredients, plus it's light, goes on even and smooth, and smells amazing.

Hand Sanitizer
Kill germs, not your hands! This extraordinarily moisturizing sanitizer spray by Happy Naturals is formulated with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Oil to help keep your skin soft and supple without the need for lotions or creams. It's like a sanitizer and moisturizer in one!

Energize Me Chocolate
For when you need a pick me up to continue with your day. The 4X Better Chocolate has 0g of sugar and tastes delicious. It boosts your energy with a great combination of Vitamins and Minerals... a must-have treat that will actually benefit you!


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