Gratitude Growth Activity Book for Kids

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Easy, Fun, Self-Directed Lessons & Activities to Teach, Exercise & Cultivate the Power of the Mind

By Dr. Helen Lee

Are you ready to begin a journey of learning and empowerment with your child? This thought provoking, fun activity book is specifically designed to teach, nurture & grow the values of gratitude, kindness, and mindfulness in young minds.

Why Choose the Practice of Gratitude for Your Child?
The focus of this activity book is to encourage children to tap into and heighten their awareness of the innate capacity to nurture their minds. The mind is our intrinsic gift which possesses incredible power. Moreover, the manner in which we shape our thoughts, whether positively or negatively, has the potential to either support or hinder us throughout our lives.

Gratitude has been widely recognized as a powerful feeling which can positively affect our mental, emotional and physical well being. When deliberately practised, this feeling of gratitude can evolve into a powerful instrument for empowering one’s mind and perspective on life.

This activity book is deliberately designed to take your child on a step by step journey of not only LEARNING about gratitude but the PRACTICE of it. The more we practice, the more it becomes an automatic way of being. The practice of gratitude can be a "TOOL" in your child's toolbox of empowerment that they can use throughout their lives.

This book also encourages inter-activeness, games, journaling and sharing of information. Make 'gratitudes' a fun and integral part of your family’s or school’s discussions, focus, and play. In a culture that is inundated with negativity, tragedies, busy-ness, let this book be a focal point of finding and celebrating the great, wholesome & empowering parts of your life. If they start now, just IMAGINE the unlimited positive potential of who they can grow into.


  • Different activities to engage imagination, creativity and relaxation: Coloring, mazes, word search, affirmations, journaling and so much more.

  • Ideal for ALL ages especially, 7-12 yrs old

  • 111 pages of information and fun

  • Lessons on gratitude, kindness, letting go of expectations, and personal empowerment.

  • Creates a PRACTICE of “HOW” to be grateful and “WHAT” to be grateful for

  • Encourages slowing downfeelingunderstandingself empowerment, increasing EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and the power of CHOICE

  • Ideal for working through individually to cultivate independence, questioning, and critical thinking. However, it is exponentially more powerful when individuals come together to share thoughts, play gratitude games, teach others and are supported in a “Gratitude-based Culture” as a family and in schools.

  • Great for HOME, in SCHOOLS, HOME SCHOOLS, and as GIFTS!



Behind The Brand

Welcome to Grow Your Mind Strong, founded by Dr. Helen Lee, where creativity and imagination opens the gate to the practice of empowerment! We are dedicated to creating enriching activity books designed to inspire and empower children to develop a growth mindset and ignite their personal potential. At Grow Your Mind Strong, we believe in the power of positive thinking as an important gateway to fostering resilience, adaptability, and self-confidence in children from an early age. Our activity books are carefully crafted to provide a combination of informative content and interactive exercises that promote self-discovery, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.

Over the last 25 years, Dr. Helen has been both personally & professionally dedicated to understanding the power of the mind- body connection through her practice as an holistic chiropractor. During her career, the author has discovered a fundamental truth: while we may lack control over external circumstances, we hold the reins to our own internal world. Driven by this philosophy, she believes in the transformative power of personal growth, emphasizing the importance of learning, consciously choosing, and continuous practice of self-awareness. Dr. Helen envisions extending this impactful knowledge to younger generations. Her mission has grown to include creating resources & tools specifically tailored for children, recognizing them as the architects of our future. By planting the seeds of empowerment early in their lives, our children have a greater opportunity to grow with adaptability, creativity, and ability to navigate their future as they want it. 

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