Cognato Chenin Blanc 250ml Cans (Alcohol Free)

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Cognato alcohol-free wines showcase grapes grown in the Coastal Region of South Africa, celebrated for its exceptional wines originating from low-yielding vineyards. They proudly collaborate with Fairtrade-certified growers, to create delicious, low-sugar wines.

Harvested at full ripeness, typically between 23 and 24 Balling, the grapes are destemmed, and the juice is gently extracted through pressing. After an overnight settling process and racking from the lees, the grape juice is inoculated with cultured yeast and undergoes a slow fermentation at temperatures ranging from 12 to 14°C, enhancing the wine’s mouthfeel. Following fermentation, the wine rests on the lees for 3 weeks, enhancing its complexity. Cognato's carefully designed vacuum spinning cone process ensures the delicate removal of alcohol, preserving the wine’s integrity.

Tasting Notes:
A crisp and fruity wine, with enticing notes of citrus and freshly cut grass on the nose. Serves as a perfect alternative for seafood dishes or chicken, or as a refreshing pre-dinner non-alcoholic drink.

Best Enjoyed:
Cognato Chenin Blanc cans provide a convenient option for any occasion. Keep them chilled for impromptu guests or bring them to your next summer picnic. With approximately 1 1/2 glasses per can, it’s the perfect solution to minimize waste when you prefer not to open a full bottle.

<0.5% ABV.  Fairtrade-Certified, Low Calorie, 2g Sugar/100ml


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