Tiber River Foaming Hand Soap

Style: Tropic Like Its Hot
Sale price$11.00


Get hands-on with a foaming soap that is natural and gentle, good for you and the planet. Tiber River's beloved sulfate free foam soaps are formulated with a combination of gentle yet effective plant-derived cleansers plus soothing, moisturizing humectants. They rinse easily and leave your hands soft and clean.

We’re serving up a little slice of paradise with our exclusive Mango Madness-inspired scent! Luscious ripe mangoes, succulent pineapple, and a hint of sparkling grapefruit blend together in a delightfully tropical scent cocktail. 

The Grapes of Bath
Smells fun, fresh and deliciously juicy. It’s sure to be a fave for the whole family. With notes of plump grapes playfully mingling with ripe berries we know you’ll experience “The Happiest Clean on Earth™.” 

Lemon Drops & Muffin Tops
Boasts an aromatic, gourmet, dreamy combination of fresh lemon essential oil baked into muffin-y goodness and topped with a sweet dash of sugary rich vanilla whip.


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