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Citrus Got Real: This essential oil incorporates the finest blend of tart and sweet citrus essential oils. It features zesty lime and vibrant lemon, with a hint of bergamot which boasts an aromatic nuance of sweet citrus with subtle floral notes.

As you can imagine, this aroma is mouth-wateringly juicy! Sweet Orange is a middle note and imparts an intensely sweet, citrus aroma. Tiber River's Sweet Orange essential oil is an undiluted oil originating from Brazil. It is cold pressed from the peels of oranges.

Peppermint: A cool classic and one the most popular essential oils available. Peppermint is a strong top note and imparts a sharp, fresh, minty, sweet aroma due to its high menthol content. Tiber River's Peppermint essential oil is an undiluted oil originating from India. It is steam distilled from fast-growing, aromatic, perennial herbs called Japanese mint.

Good Nights: Incorporates the finest, pure essential oils topped with sweet vanilla. It features citrusy sweet mandarin, creamy chamomile and herbaceous lavender essential oils blended with a sweet vanilla infused coconut oil. Enhance your nighttime routine with this dreamy, aromatic blend.

Eucalyptus: Imparts a fresh, camphoraceous aroma. Tiber River's Eucalyptus essential oil is an undiluted oil. It is steam distilled from the Blue-Leaved Mallee tree which originates in the Victoria and New South Wales regions of Australia.

Lemongrass: Reminiscent of opening all your windows on the first day of Spring! Lemongrass is a strong top note and imparts a fresh, earthy, citusy aroma. This essential oil is an undiluted oil originating from India. It is steam distilled from fast-growing, aromatic, tall perennial grass.

Lavender: A lovely aroma that’s deep and sweet. Lavender is a top note that imparts an herbaceous, floral aroma with a woody, balsamic undertone. Tiber River's Lavender essential oil is a steam distilled, pure, undiluted oil that originates from France. It is a 100% natural blend of undiluted lavender oils that are mixed to achieve a standardized product. It is ideally blended to release the best of Lavender's floral notes every time to prevent variations in aroma season to season.

How To Use
Add 2-5 drops to your bath or add 2-5 drops to a diffuser to refresh a room. For external use only. Keep out of eyes and mouth. Not for ingestion. *Dilute before use; may cause skin irritation in some individuals, so a skin test is recommended prior to use. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


Behind The Brand

At Tiber River, we believe cleanliness is happiness, and we’re on a mission to bring more happy into every home. This is not your average clean—it’s small-batch, handcrafted, great formulas with scents so delicious, they’ll put a smile on your face. Many products with 10 (or fewer!) simple ingredients that are tough on dirt and easy on your skin, your home and the environment. All crafted with love, from our family to yours.

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