La Dee Da Cranberry Orange & Vodka Jelly

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Looking for a jelly that will truly impress? This Cranberry Orange & Vodka Jelly is fat-free and fruity with a thrilling boozy zing. 

When the gift-giving season approaches, this Cranberry Orange & Vodka Jelly serves as a one-of-a-kind host/hostess gift and a perfect addition to any holiday buffet as a delectable side dish. It is an ideal spread for your leftover thanksgiving meal or a classic topper on your morning toast. 

Made with 100% cranberry juice, concentrated orange juice, and vodka. The blend of the cranberries with tart orange bursts throughout, plus the subtleness of the vodka results in a flavoursome jelly. 

Ingredients: Sugars (sugar, concentrated cranberry juice, concentrated orange juice), Water, Pectin, Vodka, Natural flavour, Sodium citrate.


Behind The Brand

Meet Mary, Jo Anne and Marlow, The Sauce Queens! What started with sauces back in 2015 became a mission to create innovative, versatile, delicious, plant-based offerings that would make it onto the tables of every household. The founders of La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces wanted to revolutionize not only the sauce world but the soup, jam and jelly categories. What they bring to the table is more than a jar of wholesome goodness, they produce products that provide an opportunity to the consumer to create a restaurant-worthy meal of their own. They source their ingredients from the highest quality suppliers, sourcing as locally Canadian as possible, all whilst keeping the plant in mind. Their environment-friendly and conscious living approach makes La Dee Da Sauces an easy choice when you are looking to take your meals to a whole new level! 

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