Event: Managing Stress & Worry with Alison Grimley (April 22nd)

Event: Managing Stress & Worry with Alison Grimley (April 22nd)

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Our RevolutionHer™ Virtual Support Sessions are here for you to gain clarity, advice, guidance, and inspiration on a range of themes that matter most to you in your life.

All are welcome to attend - you are not required to be a registered/paid member!


Event Date
Thursday April 22, 2021

Event Run Time
1 hour

Event Start Time
10:00amPT / 11:00amMT / 12:00pmCT / 1:00pmET / 2:00pmAT

"Managing Stress & Worry" with Alison Grimley

Get ready to form some new, healthy habits and to work on some mindset changes so you can live your life fully, instead of always being stressed about things that are out of your control.

Knowing how to limit stress and worry is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle.  Stress has detrimental effects on our bodies and on our spirits, which often spills over into our eating habits, which can then stress us out because we know we’re making bad food choices. It becomes a nasty cycle that spins out of control. The good news is we always have control and there are things we can do to manage stress effectively before it takes over. 

In this session, we will:
* focus on how stress shows up in our lives
* understand how it can impact you physically without you even being aware
* look at tools we can implement easily into our daily routine to calm our mind and bring peace back into our lives even when there are things happening around us that are out of our control

-- Alison Grimley --

Alison is passionate about helping heart-centered women break free from emotional overwhelm while they rediscover and learn to love themselves again. Her mission is to help you create balance so you can nurture yourself fully - mind, body and soul - and thrive. She will help you embrace your uniqueness, respect your body, calm your mind and find your balance again. 

She is an empath, mom, life coach, health coach, master mindset coach, dancing queen and lover of all the little things that make life amazing. She spends her days showing women how to practice self-care, re-discover their internal power and thrive in life.