Event: Loving The Skin You're In with Marnie Consky (May 13th)

Event: Loving The Skin You're In with Marnie Consky (May 13th)

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Our RevolutionHer™ Virtual Support Sessions are here for you to gain clarity, advice, guidance, and inspiration on a range of themes that matter most to you in your life.

All are welcome to attend - you are not required to be a registered/paid member!


Event Date
Thursday May 13, 2021

Event Run Time
1 hour

Event Start Time
10:00amPT / 11:00amMT / 12:00pmCT / 1:00pmET / 2:00pmAT

"Getting Comfortable With The Skin You're In" with Marnie Consky

Feeling good about our bodies all of the time is not a realistic expectation for anyone, especially during the pandemic when many of our bodies may have changed over the last year. But there are lots of things we can do to change our mindset and move towards the goal of feeling more comfortable in our skin more often.

After this presentation you will:

* Learn how to recognize negative body talk and get tips on how to change that narrative

* Get inspired to curate your social media feed to make you feel better, not worse about your body

* Have the confidence to wear that skirt or dress this summer even if your thighs are prone to chafing



-- Marnie Consky --

Marnie is the Founder, CEO, and Chief Anti-Chafing Champion of Thigh Society, an undergarment brand offering lightweight, moisture-wicking and breathable slip shorts for women. Thigh Society’s multi-wear bottoms prevent thigh chafe, offer modesty coverage and are perfect for lounging, sleeping, at-home yoga and anytime that comfort is a must. 

The idea for the business came from personal need. As a lover of dresses and skirts, Marnie couldn’t find long leg underwear to prevent thigh chafe that wasn’t shapewear - so she set out to develop the solution herself. Without any apparel, marketing, or ecommerce experience, she launched Thigh Society in July 2009 entirely self-funded, and grew the business to six-figures while working a demanding full-time job before focusing on it exclusively in late 2016. 

Today, Thigh Society undergarments are loved worldwide for their inclusive sizing, high-quality fit, fabric and construction and for helping tens of thousands of women to move through the world with comfort and confidence to spare.