The 4% Fix

The 4% Fix

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The 4% Fix by Karma Brown

This Book is part of our Spring 2021 Book Club Series!

Join us on Tuesday May 25th as we chat all about this book!
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Do you feel like you’re always busy, even as your to-do list continues to grow? 

Do you think you can’t keep up as it is, let alone add another thing to your plate? 

An award-winning journalist, avid reader and new mom, Karma Brown dreamed of writing her first novel. But between diapers and tight deadlines, how could she? Like so many of us, she felt stretched taut and hyper-scheduled, her time a commodity over which she had lost control. For Brown, the answer to this problem was to rise earlier every day and use that time to write. Although she experienced missteps along the way, after committing to her alarm clock and an online community of early risers, she completed a debut novel that became a national bestseller.

In The 4% Fix, Karma Brown reveals the latest research about time management and goal-setting and shares strategies that have worked for her as well as for others. Refreshingly, her jargon-free approach doesn’t include time-tracking spreadsheets, tips on how to squeeze in yoga exercises while cooking dinner, or methods that add bulk to those never-ending lists. 

How will you use this one hour—only 4% of your day—to change your life?


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